Just Like Old Times
by Freedom Fighter Abra

Team Rocket Champions. It feels SO good to say that. Much better than Team Rocket Losers. Because we’ve succeeded. We caught the Pikachu. And might I add, FINALLY! Those little brats will probably come looking for it but since the boss already has Pikachu, they’ll probably never get it back. Ha! I’m in such a good mood!
“Come on James, let’s go!”
Go? Where? And why? We already caught the Pikachu. Oh no. Don’t tell me we have ANOTHER job. It took FOREVER to catch that stupid Pikachu and now the boss wants us to get ANOTHER pokémon?!
“Hurry up James! We gotta get to the hotel to get some rooms!”
Hotel? Rooms? Since when are we going to a hotel? We can’t afford that! And the boss would never let us go to a hotel and take a vacation when we’re supposed to be capturing ‘rare and unusual pokémon’ from STUPID trainers. Well, not all of them are stupid but there’s quite a few. For three, those twerps. And their FORMER Pikachu. It feels so good to say that too!
“James let’s go! The boss is paying for this so I don’t want to waste it!”
Ah. No wonder we’re going. We’re not paying for it. Typical isn’t it? I wonder if Meowth is coming too?
“Meowth, I’m ready! Let’s go!”
I guess that answers my question. Wonder why he’s coming. Oh well. I guess I should pack my stuff before Jessie turns into a Flareon again or something. He he! That brings back some funny memories! I still think we should get an Eevee and try to evolve it with all three stones. It could actually be a good experience. But, knowing our previous luck, the twerps will find out about that and ruin it. Even if they don’t, the evolved Eevee will probably try to kill us. Or, if it doesn’t kill us, it won’t obey. Something will go wrong. It always does, doesn’t it?

It sure is cool in the jeep. Jessie is driving and she looks pretty relaxed. Meowth is sleeping in the backseat. He looks like he’s playing with something. His paws keep twitching. Typical Meowth. Not that it matters. We DO have a vacation. We ARE going to a hotel. It’s only right to sleep and be lazy. I can’t wait till we get there.
The hotel has got to be more comfortable than this…this…side if a jeep. I’m so tired. You really don’t get enough sleep when you travel around living like the former Team Rocket. Not the Team Rocket Champions though. We ALWAYS get our sleep. Especially Jessie. Not letting her get her beauty sleep would be a BIG mistake. It’s amazing how cranky she can get. Meowth discovered that the hard way. He told me he was still sore a few days ago.
“James, you’re yawning a lot. Take a nap or something.”
Take a nap? “Why?”
“You’re distracting me and I’m trying to drive,”
I guess that’s not a bad idea. I am still tired. Maybe I’ll just rest my eyes for a little while…

What’s that noise? Sounds like someone’s pumping something… Maybe it would help if I opened my eyes. Where are we? This isn’t a hotel. Must be a gas station. Yeah, I’d say it is. I guess I should get out and stretch my legs. Plus, I kinda have to go to the bathroom. Why isn’t this door opening?! Stupid door.
“James, you have to unlock the door first. Now try opening it.”
Well what do you know? Meowth is actually good for something. It works. Meowth is giving me an evil stare. Maybe he can read my mind. That’s not good…
“Well what are you sitting there for?! I told you how to get out!”
What a cat. He talks back to almost everyone, you know what I mean? But he DOES have a good point. I guess I should get out. It feels SO good to be able to stretch out! Now for the bathroom.

“Finally James! What took so long? Me and Meowth have been sitting here for ten minutes!”
Should I tell her that I went in and bought six bucks worth of five cent candies? Probably not. I don’t think it would be a good idea…
“Well, now that you made it back, let’s go!”
That’s a good idea. Now if only this stupid door would open. Jessie is shaking her head at me. “What?”
“You have to unlock it first James,”
Oops. Maybe I should just sleep the rest of the way. It kind of makes me wish that we weren’t going out to the hotel. That we were back out in the wilderness (if you call it wlderness), looking for rare pokémon.
Don’t ask why. I get strange ideas sometimes. Like when we dressed up as Officer Jennys. That was actually quite fun. And those Growlithe obeyed us. It felt good to be able to command pokémon other than our own and actually have them listen. I’m still tired. I guess I’ll rest my eyes again.

We made it to the hotel. Finally. I’m reminded of when we stole the Ditto for some reason. Wonder why. Of course, I have some strange ideas sometimes. So this is actually understanable.
Jessie is waving her hand at me from the front desk. I guess she wants me to go over and sign something. I hate to sign stuff. I don’t know why. I just do. I think I’ll let Jessie sign…whatever she wanted me to sign. I just want to get up to our room and relax. We deserve this break.

Hotel beds aren’t as comfortable as they could be. They could get new mattreses once in a while. And they sure could use more than two beds.
I have to share a bed with Meowth. Not something I paticularly happy with. And everyone has to share the bathroom. Jessie spends too much time in there. I’ve been wanting to take a nice hot shower for at least half an hour now. What could possibly be taking so long?
“James, could you get the phone? I’m in the bathroom,”
We have a phone? I never knew that. Well, I guess it’s normal to have a phone in a hotel room. I’d better get it before the person hangs up.
“Where’s Jessie?”
“Uh…she’s in the bathroom…”
“Well, I have a new assignment for both of you. Come to my office immediately!”
“But we just got here!”
All I got was a dial tone. The nerve. I think we should at least get a LITTLE vacation before we have to start something new.
“Who was it James?”
“The boss. He wants us to go to his office right away for a new assignment,”
“Meowth, we just got here! Why so soon?”
All I can do is shrug. How else would I respond? I guess it’s time to go…

We’re back on the road. I hope we stop again soon. I want more five cent candies. Yum… Plus, I have to go to the bathroom again, mainly because Jessie never came out of the bathroom in the hotel. No surprise there. I think I’ll take another nap till we get to the boss’s office.

“James! Pay attention! They’re coming!”
I think this is a really good mission. No one will expect us to be coming.
“Ash you moron! Pikachu is with Team Rocket!”
“Only because you put to much weight on that stupid hole Misty!”
They’re almost here. It’s time to say our lines.
“Prepare for trouble!”
“And make it double!”
“To protect the world from devistation!”
“To unite all peoples within our nation!”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”
What a relief. She said her line right this time. Not the way those stupid imitaters do. Uh oh. Jessie and Meowth are staring and getting evil looks. Back to buisness. “To extend our reach to the stars above!”
“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”
“Meowth, that’s right!”
I bet they never expected to see us again. We already got the Pikachu.
“Hand it over!”
Jessie can sound really evil at some times. I like that and wish I could do it.
How dense can the twerp be? He knows we’re looking for rare and unusual pokémon. They don’t have very many of them. Might as well let them know.
“The Togepi! It’s rare, unusual, and the boss wants it!”
“No way!”
We’ll get it. We got the Pikachu didn’t we?
“If you wanna get Togepi you’re gonna have to beat us!”
This brings back so many memories. They’re all flooding back into my head. This feels just like old times. And it feels good.

The End

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